Your Journey Starts Here

Design4Lean Solutions can help you get off to a good start on your Lean journey, by helping you with:

  • Considering Lean. You first must consider if Lean is the right journey for you.
  • Becoming aware of what a Lean organization looks like.
  • Beginning with the end in mind. Learning about Lean and the experiences of others and what they have accomplished puts you in a better position to begin the journey.
  • The strategy for implementing Lean. Once you have learned about Lean and decide it is the suitable journey for you, then you are ready to begin the Lean journey in your own organization.
  • Building a Lean culture. Lean is not just a collection of tools. It is a mindset and way of working. Lean will have its greatest impact when that mindset spreads throughout the organization.
  • Building support for Lean. Change is often hard for employees and management so thought must be given on how to make the transition easier.

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Focus on Your People

Your competitors offer the same products or services, they design and manufacturer very similar to you, they even share some of the same customers as you. What’s the difference? People. Design4Lean Solutions can help you develop your Lean leaders, create a Lean culture by engaging your employees through training and events, but most importantly by listening to their ideas.

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Design4Lean Workshops

Design4Lean Workshops offers the most comprehensive and skill-oriented curriculum available. This curriculum is based on several assumptions: Lean is about principles, rules, and concepts – not just tools. Lean transformation is about learning and experimentation, not just project management.

Adults learn through experiences and dialogue, not through books and lectures. Jump start your Lean journey and take your organization to the next level of success by developing your entire workforce, we offer a number of exciting workshops that allow us to share our new and unique ideas with our guests; or ask us how we can customize these workshops at your organization to include in-class and shop floor training.

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Design4Lean Consortium

  • Benchmarking Activities – tour both member and non-member sites to see best practices, hear “lessons learned”, and get ideas for additional opportunities for your company.
  • Training – participate in leadership events, workshops, book reviews, and webinars designed to further your knowledge of Lean implementation.
  • Networking Events – build and leverage relationships with peers across many disciplines.
  • Leadership Development – develop your management team’s knowledge on Lean organizations and subsequent results.

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