Organization Assessments

We offer two organizational assessments.

Readiness Assessment Inventory

In order to create a customized sustainable plan for implementing a lean management solution for your organization we suggest a readiness assessment inventory be completed. Our company has developed an effective, robust assessment tool that evaluates:

How your current business practices align with lean management practices and principles;
How your people practices align with skills, attributes and behaviors required to effectively build a culture of improvement; and
Your organizational culture and leadership appetite to engage in change.

The assessment includes an analysis of nine key elements including: Organizational Structure, Planning, Space, Work Processes, Work Practices (includes elements of safety), Visibility of Work, Staff Involvement, Client/Customer Experience and Leadership. The assessment takes from 2-5 days depending on the size of your organization. The result of this assessment is a detailed report containing an action plan for your organization to consider in implementing a full lean management system or adopting specific lean tools.

Organizational Depth Structure Study

This study is conducted when organizations are interested in reviewing their organizational structure to ensure that alignment of positions is meeting your business needs. The study can be conducted in two ways:

(1) It can be exclusively focused on redesigning the organizational structure in alignment with lean principles while assisting with taking out layers where there is redundancy or waste. The focus of this study is on the evaluation of positions ONLY. At the conclusion of this study you will have built a new organizational structure.


(2) It can be integrated with the Lean Leadership & Succession Depth Study allowing the organization to also evaluate the leaders in the organization. This expands the study focus to include a review of all the leaders in formal leadership positions and evaluates their current effectiveness as a leader in a lean organization.

At the conclusion of this study you will have built a new organizational structure, have a comprehensive understanding of your leaders competencies and areas for development and a lean depth chart that will assist your organization in effective succession planning.

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