Who We Are

Design 4 Lean Solutions is a global leader in Continuous Improvement implementation and Lean training and education. We have decades of international experience in a variety of sectors working with some of the best Lean organizations since 1999. Our footprint extends throughout Canada, Australia, Great Britain, United States, China, India, Argentina, Continental Europe, New Zealand and South Africa. We have developed our skills and expertise to ensure that when your organization engages us that we give you the opportunity to develop, grow and sustain our results.

Our Goal

Design 4 Lean Solutions is a global company with interests in working with small, medium or large corporate organizations. We work closely with our clients so they can grow alongside us. We provide hands on services and training to suit your needs and we work with you every step of the way. We care about your people, your culture and your customers. Always seeking perfection, we will provide you with the guidance to develop a Continuous Improvement culture, the tools and knowledge to sustain it into the future and to bring out the best in your organization.

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What We Do

Design 4 Lean Solutions was established by our Lean Master Doug Lachance when he realized that change can be achieved within organizations by listening to their people, their expertise and their ideas on how to improve their products, services and processes. We coach and mentor every manager, every operator, every administrator, every technician and every executive. We act as a fresh set of eyes to help your organization become the best version of itself, working from within. In 18 years, we have worked with organizations to deliver everything from full Lean transformations to rapid improvement events (Kaizen) and customized Lean training solutions.

    Design 4 Lean Solutions is a global leader in:
  • Lean transformation by implementing a Continuous Improvement Operating System
  • Strategy development and deployment to manage daily, weekly, monthly and annual objectives through the use of Lean
  • Lean strategies to engage your employees, to develop your people and to sustain the achieved results
  • Change management to support Lean initiatives through performance boards, Gemba walks, education and daily management systems
  • Continuous improvement training and education with real life case studies, simulations and Lean methodologies such as 5S, Value Stream Mapping, Total Preventive Maintenance, 3P (Production Preparation Process), Root Cause Corrective Action, Setup Reduction, Waste Elimination, Pull/Kanban Systems, Benchmarking, Process Management, Standard Work and Cell Design, Lean Logistics, and creating a Visual factory

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